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Crazy Might Work | Issue #4 | September 2022

Astronaut on Moon

Half the cost of a project is socially determined.

John Mather, NASA’s Nobel Laureate

Reality-Based Optimism

The NASA 4-D concept of Red and Green storylines enhances our ability to shape our social reality. If leaders can shift team focus from RED (potentially true, but likely to lead to a catastrophic result) to GREEN storylines (grounded in reality, but envisaging an optimistic outcome) inspirational solutions become possible.

Here are some examples from Apollo 13 (shortly after an explosion in the oxygen tanks):

The Reality

“Houston, We’ve had a problem.” – Astronaut Jimmy Swigert on hearing the explosion

The Red Storyline: 

“In 16 hours, the batteries are dead, and so is the crew.” – John Aaron, Flight Controller

 The Green Storyline:

“…. squeeze every amp out of both of these God-damned machines. …all the way back to Earth… We’ve never lost an American in space and we’re sure as hell not going to lose one on my watch.”- Gene Kranz, Flight Director

The fourth episode of this exclusive interview with Dr. Charlie Pellerin is live!

In this episode, Dr. Charlie Pellerin discusses how expressing authentic appreciation and living in abundance changed his life and the lives of those at NASA, as part of the 4-D program which he introduced.

Listen to the epic finale of this interview on your favourite platform below:

NASA 4-D Leadership Program for High-Performing Teams

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