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What is Crowd Sourcing? 

Visiting a livestock fair in 1906, Francis Galton was intrigued by a competition where the winner had to correctly guess the weight of an ox. No-one got it right, but the average of the 800 responses was exactly correct and ‘wisdom of crowds’ was born. A rudimentary form of this can be seen in early innovation competitions, like the Prize offered in 1714 to any person who could provide the British Parliament with a reliable way of establishing a ship’s position at sea. Thanks to John Harrison, an amateur clockmaker from Yorkshire, the concept of Longitude was born!

Since then digital platforms, like ours, have been built and organisations are able to run global innovation competitions effortlessly, including the likes of NASA who have run hundreds of international challenges, including what to do with Space Poop!

When to use it?

Crowd Sourcing is a great way to focus your organisation’s intellect on a strategic challenge, whether the next generation customer offerings, or some internal improvement drive.

Check out our customer story below to see how one client used it to develop their 100-Day Post-Merger Innovation Plan after acquiring a multi-billion dollar business.

Feisty Fish®

tap into the wisdom of your crowd

Feisty Fish® is an innovation crowdsourcing platform. Designed for engagement by game developers, it is playful, humorous and intuitive! The universally-accessible concept of a fish tank has resonated with people across the globe, from lawyers in the ACCC to steelworkers in Romania! Feisty Fish® is now in use in 9 countries and 6 languages with unprecedented participation and it has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in savings and new revenues, as well as improvements in customer, patient and citizen experience! The solution is so intuitive that no training is required and so it is frequently used by conference organisers and organisational leaders to tap into the wisdom of the crowd in the moment.

When to use it?

When you want to focus the collective intellect of your organisation on a significant strategic challenge. Harnessing the collective ‘wisdom of the crowd’ has become a go-to strategy for multi-nationals and public sector organisations like NASA because of the diversity of thinking and solutions that it delivers. Often the most effective solutions come from unexpected industries outside of the organisation or surprising functions within!

Origins of Feisty Fish®

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Client Testimonials

   Feisty Fish®:

  • Reduces the cost of accessing bright people with great ideas, wherever they may – be.
  • Takes the pain out of navigating yet another stuffy corporate software package.
  • Generates unprecedented engagement through playful gamification.


Touch-screen enabled and available on all devices!


So user-friendly that no training is required!


Generates unprecedented engagement!

Success Story


GFG Alliance acquired a multi-billion Euro business in Europe and embarked on a transformation plan to put the 6,000-worker enterprise, on a competitive, sustainable footing. They wanted to use Crowd Sourcing to drive the 100-day post-merger and business improvement plan.

Success Story


Over 3 weeks, the firm received over 500 business improvement ideas came in, and over $4million Euro identified in savings. Not bad as a 100-Day Plan development strategy!


We worked with GFG Alliance to craft the question: ‘What quick improvements can be implemented in 100 days?’ We shared this question with all employees across the newly-formed alliance, via Feisty Fish®, our online ThinkTank platform across nine countries and in six languages. Timeboxed to 3 weeks, the ideas started rolling in.