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Makes you the innovation guru. Get a playbook for leaders that makes you fluent in 8 innovative methods. Choose the creative problem-solving option that is most effective for your challenge. Know when to apply Systems Thinking, Appreciative Inquiry, Analogous Inquiry, Design Thinking, Value Proposition Design, Strategic Storytelling, Pilot Design, and Embedding to your real-world challenges.

About the Program

You will join the top 1% of innovators who have more than one creative option at their disposal. Get the Leading4Breakthrough® innovation playbook and master the methods for achieving truly creative results. Leave the one-trick ponies behind with this smorgasbord of the very best thinking about innovation globally.  If you thought design thinking and innovation were synonymous, then this program will blow your mind.

Used by innovators, strategists and leaders in government and Fortune 500 corporations, Leading4Breakthrough® has transformed health care, industrial engineering and even space. For those seeking spectacular change, rather than incremental business improvement, this is the ultimate cocktail of leading-edge thinking and methodologies – a mind-expanding curation of the best creative problem-solving methods in the world.

Leading4Breakthrough Framework


Comprising 8 mind-expanding modules, delivered virtually or in person, this program is experiential.  Participants acquire and apply the skills to actual organisational challenges and share their insights with other participants. Whether you experience this program in-house or through the public course, you will graduate equipped with world-leading creative problem-solving skills.

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Who is it for?

  • Leaders and practitioners looking for a world-leading methodology for breakthrough thinking
  • HR professionals seeking to promote a culture of innovation and build this capability internally
  • Customer insight and strategy professionals who rely on breakthrough perspectives for differentiation


  • Acquire a diverse range of lateral thinking methods for generating breakthrough insight
  • Apply these to your most wicked strategic and professional challenges for transformational innovation
  • Be inspired and informed by great minds that have gone before you, from brilliant inventors to Nobel Laureates