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Issue #20 | April 2024

Rock ants are great mentors despite their tiny brains. Running together, teacher ants lead students to a food source, allowing them to wander and develop first-hand knowledge of the route. ~

5 Behavioural Signs that Your Learning and Development Strategy is Working


Not sure how to prove to the CEO that your learning and development strategy is working? This story is for you.

Through our 21 interviews with Chief Learning Officers, and academic literature review, we surfaced 5 ways to demonstrate behavioural impact. Just one of the many insights in our 10 Best Learning Strategies Report (sign up below to get it hot off the press). In the meantime, here are 5 questions that L&D experts ask their leaders:

1. Are you using what you just learned?

2. Have you started doing anything differently as a result? If so, what?

3. Have you stopped doing anything as a result of the program? If so, what?

4. Have you noticed any changes in your team or peers as an outcome of the learning? What are the changes?

5. Would you recommend this program to another employee?

If the answer is yes to the majority of these, then you are well on your way to demonstrating behavioural impact. Incorporate these questions into your program evaluation, along with any organisational impact measures, like the graded Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS) in the final question.

We would love to hear and share what else you measure in relation to your own programs?

E-mail me at: [email protected] and I will share and gratefully acknowledge you on our social pages!

NEWSFLASH: Aged & Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA)

We are excited to announce our strategic innovation partnership with the amazing ACCPA team, along with Paul Sadler, former CEO of ACSA.

This partnership sees our team delivering a custom Strategic Innovation program, designed specifically for boards, executives and senior leaders in aged care.

Designed to:

• Confront blind spots and re-imagine your business model.

• Accelerate your culture from compliance to excellence.

• Manage risk appetite with low cost low risk experiments.

• Develop a compelling organisational vision and strategy.

Join us for a mind and skill-expanding program over two days!

Get involved here.

Astronaut in space

Is it time to go intergalactic with your leadership skills?

Our next launch of the NASA 4-Dimensional Leadership Program is 2 May 2024 (online). Places are filling fast for this virtual version of the program that transformed life at NASA.
You will not want to miss this one. PS: It’s not about space.

Get details.

Register 2 May NASA 4-D Program.

Become a NASA 4-D Coach

Graduate? You are eligible to join Crazy Mission Control and become a NASA 4-D coach. Next coaching program is 23-24 April 2024 (online).

Register here.

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