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Crazy Might Work

Issue #19 | February 2024

“The opposite of play is not work…the opposite of play is depression..” ~ Dr Stuart Brown

The Top 5 Reasons and Top 5 Ways to Play at Work

Play at Work

Our work on NASA’s 4-Dimensional Leadership program has given us a look into some of the most extreme teams on the planet, from astronauts to intensive care clinicians. What many of these groups have in common is that their jobs are literally life and death. But there is another less-obvious connection…Read More

lego serious play


LEGO® Serious Play® was orginally designed for strategy development and is used by global brands like Google and Accenture. These days it is deployed for every kind of strategic innovation imaginable, from vision articulation to business model redesign. The approach activates the whole brain in visualisation, tactile problem solving, metaphor and storytelling, enabling creative collective responses to complex challenges. It is literally ‘Building To Think’.

In 3 hours you will:

→ Upgrade your breakthrough thinking skills in this 3-hour face-to-face, workshop

→ Learn the theory, origins, and rationale for using LEGO® Serious Play® in the workplace

→ Resolve a strategic workplace challenge creatively and collectively, whilst having a lot of fun in the process

→ Meet other out-of-the-box strategic thinkers and build your network of cross-industry connections

This is for you if…

You are dealing with complex issues, that are strategic, cultural or intractable in nature.

The method is brilliant for situations where there is no single right answer and you need everyone’s input.

When & Where

In person in Sydney CBD (venue to be confirmed)

9:00am – 12:00pm (AEST) on Thursday 21 March 2024

PODCAST | The Edge of Organisational Development with Matthew Elphick

Matthew Elphick, a learning and development expert, shares his journey and insights into the boundaries of learning and development in organizations. He emphasises the importance of real change in the context of work and the power of coaching in facilitating that change. Matthew discusses the balance between theory and practice in adult learning and the need for organisations to prioritise learning as a strategic agenda. He also explores strategies for evaluating learning programs and the role of personalisation in organisational learning. Matthew concludes by discussing the potential of data-driven learning and the lessons we can learn from nature and permaculture principles.


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