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'Ideaflow: The Only Business Metric That Matters'

Jeremy Utley is a world-leading expert in creativity and co-author of Ideaflow. In this interview, he tells us what Ideaflow is, and why it is the only business metric that matters. He is also a director of executive education at Stanford’s and an adjunct professor at Stanford’s School of Engineering.

'From Wollongong to Space'

Meganne Christian is a trailblazer. After obtaining her PhD in Chemical Engineering at Wollongong University, she set out to become Australia’s first female astronaut, competing successfully against 22,500 other candidates for selection as a member of the European Space Agency’s final 17, ‘Class of 2023’. In this podcast, Meganne shares her experiences to date, providing welcome inspiration for students everywhere who aspire to be part of the Artemis or ‘Moon to Mars’ programs.

'Winter In Space'

In this episode, we have Nicola Winter, who is Germany’s second female Air Force Fighter Pilot, who is also set to become Germany’s first female astronaut! She shares with us on her experiences on the astronaut selection process and how her outlook on life (and risk) was challenged when she became a mother. Nicola also shares her thoughts on NASA behaviours like Reality-Based Optimism and other lessons from her time in the Luftwaffe and in astronaut selection processes.

'Befriend Your Fears'

Trailblazer, Dr. Ron Farmer brought cognitive behavioural psychology to Australia and rapidly earned a reputation as a leading behavioural and sex therapist. Then, the unexpected happened – Ron had a nervous breakdown of his own and had to apply all his training as a clinical psychologist to bring himself back from the brink of anxiety and despair. This is the story of his dance with fear, and some of the deep learnings that led him to create free resources for anyone experiencing a similar journey.

'Space Kills Cancer'

Dr. Joshua Chou discovered an intriguing relationship between cancer and space flight. Sparked by a conversation with Stephen Hawking, Dr. Joshua Chou's discovery won him Researcher of the Year in Australia. As co-founder of the International Humans in Space Summit, Dr. Joshua Chou also continues to play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between industry and academia. So, if you are curious about why cancer cells die in space, or why the space industry is for everyone, then this podcast is for you!

'The Nature of Biomimicry'

What is biomimicry and how is it relevant to organisations? In this two-episode series, Lex Amore, Communications Director of The Biomimicry Institute, joins us to explain the science behind biomimicry and how it is changing our ideas about effective design. As someone who has bridged the gap between corporate communications and the natural world, Lex Amore is uniquely able to explain how we can exploit nature's genius and the mind-expanding design principles that have been field-tested over 3.8 billion years.

'Insights on Innovation'

This special single-episode of 'Insights on Innovation' starring Caryn Sandler, Partner and Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer at Gilbert + Tobin. Caryn has recently been awarded with the Most Innovative Change Maker at the Financial Times Most Innovated Lawyer Awards 2022. Caryn also has one innovative year in various Lawyers Weekly awards, including 2019, 2020 and 2021. In addition, Gilbert + Tobin has been the most innovative firm for the fourth year in a row at the Australian Financial Review Client Choice Awards and the winner of the Excellence and Technology and Innovation Award at the Australian Law Awards.

'How NASA Builds Teams'

Charlie Pellerin is the author of ‘How NASA Builds Teams’ and former Director of NASA’s Astrophysics Division. He launched and then repaired the Hubble telescope which has given humanity an eye on the universe that previous generations would never have dreamed possible. NASA awarded him a very unusual 2nd Outstanding Leadership Medal and he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal, which is only awarded “when the contribution is so extraordinary that other forms of recognition would be inadequate”. He received “Presidential Rank” awards from Ronald Regan and from Bill Clinton for “sustained superior accomplishment. In this series, Charlie talks about the 4-Dimensional teams program that he developed to turn the culture around at NASA.