Cross-Industry Collaboration

The goal of the cross-industry collaboration is to create meaningful relationships, intertwining two or more organisations to come together to work on a common problem or ambition.

Collaboration in Healthcare
Collaboration is understood to be essential to business success, however, it is something Australia, comparatively, struggles with.

Crazy Might Work locates wicked problems that require a collaborative approach to solve.  Some example case studies are list below:


Led a cross-industry collaboration in response to Australia’s growing type 2 diabetes epidemic, bringing together local government and four major international and Australian organisations to tackle this wicked problem.

Innovation Nation

Crazy Might Work led an initiative, supported by the Innovation Taskforce of the Business Council of Australia (BCA), CSIRO and CEB (now Gartner) to re-design Australia’s innovation ecosystem, making it an engine for job creation and economic prosperity.

Future of Law

Crazy Might Work facilitated a cross-industry, future-focused collaboration with Sparke Helmore, Westpac and UTS, looking at the skills that will be required by the lawyers of the future.
Facilitating cross-industry collaboration to address wicked problems

This model creates meaningful strategic clients and partners at all levels of the organisation, providing diversity of thought and heightened capabilities.

If you would like to learn more about cross-industry collaboration, please get in touch with us or drop-in for a chat, the door is always open.