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Innovation Capability

Disruptive by Design®

Delivers the Top 5 Skills of the Future, according to the World Economic Forum, whilst solving your biggest organisational challenge

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High-Performing Teams

Astronaut training for leaders and high-performing teams

The NASA 4-D program creates high-performance across 4 dimensions the NASA way, without the usual ‘forming, storming, norming and performing’

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Cross-Industry Collaboration

Brings together partner organisations to create strategic alliances and solve systemic challenges

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Design & Systems Thinking

Immersions & Simulations

Delivers higher-order creative problem-solving skills, using simulations and immersive experiences

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Innovation Crowdsourcing

Think Tank

Focus all of your organisation’s creative firepower on a single strategic challenge using our gamified ‘Fish in Space’ platform

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Breakthrough Thinking

Breakthrough Keynotes & Facilitation

When you need some fresh thinking (and a breath of fresh air!)

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