Innovation Genome®

Our Innovation Genome comprises of individual assessments against five predictive innovation competency sets to assist in the assembly of innovative teams.

What is the secret recipe and required attributes for a high performing innovative team?

Five predictive competency groups emerged from CEB’s extensive interviews with innovation executives and individual level assessments of 1,932 staff at 42 major companies across the globe:

Customer Empathizer

  • Championing the customer perspective in developing ideas and solutions
  • Gathering comprehensive information to understand customer needs and Expectations
  • Relating customer needs to relevant technologies


  • Listening, consulting, handling objections convincingly and communicating proactively with others
  • Building strong relationships with others
  • Adapting communication style depending on the context and the audience

Results Seeker

  • Persisting to achieve personal and project goals
  • Being prepared to put in the extra effort and hours to achieve an objective
  • Seeing projects through to completion
  • Monitoring progress against deadlines and milestones

Risk Taker

  • Deciding on a definite course of action
  • Taking calculated risks rather than missing opportunities
  • Staking personal reputation on ideas and projects he or she believes in

Idea Integrator

  • Identifying common themes among multiple issues
  • Pinpointing key information from a large amount of data
  • Breaking information into parts, patterns, and relationships
  • Challenging others’ assumptions
5 predictive characteristics of a successful innovation team

Application of the genome ensures your innovative teams consist of the right talent, resulting in the perfect alchemic conditions for high performing teams.

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