Fast Fives®

When you want to accelerate the heck out of a strategic initiative, we suggest using our Google Ventures Sprint-inspired, one week fast-ride to differentiation! Thoughtstronaut will strip away the gravitational pull and take your ideas into orbit in just 5 days!


The most comprehensive innovation practitioner programme on the market

Fast Fives® Practitioner brings together all of the innovation practitioner skills in a single programme:


Ethnographic observation of ‘customers’ and analogous situations to generate non-obvious and compelling insights


Generation of prolific solution sets with subsequent evaluation and enrichment of the most promising concepts


Build of low-fidelity prototypes and definition of experiments for iterative testing and co-creation with ‘customers’

Embed innovation strategy in your organisation

The Fast Fives® Practitioner programme delivers valuable business outcomes, whilst creating a core innovation ‘community of practice’ within an organisation.

“Anthropology demands the open-mindedness with which one must look and listen, record in astonishment and wonder that which one would not have been able to guess.” Margaret Mead