Culture of Innovation

We have partnered with international research firm, CEB now Gartner, utilising their culture of innovation diagnostic which is based on three pillars; Process, Environment and Talent.

While innovation-led growth is at the centre of corporate strategy and R&D investments, is an organisations culture capable of supporting it?

CEB assesses 27 key attributes of an innovative culture, spanning three dimensions:


  • Strategy validation
  • Portfolio management
  • Idea generation and selection
  • Development and commercialisation


  • Risk tolerance
  • Permission to challenge assumptions
  • Freedom to experiment, fail and learn
  • Openness to new ideas, internal & external


  • Training and development
  • Talent placement and team composition
  • Individual skills, capabilities and behaviours
  • Performance objectives and management
The implementation of new ideas with sustainable commercial impact

Applying this diagnostic to your organisation’s culture, enables you to identify specific cogs that can be developed and ultimately contribute to a thriving culture of innovation.

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