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Crazy Might Work | Issue #2 | September 2022

“Many things were spoken into the ears of the dead that they yearned to have heard while they were alive.”

9-11 First Responder,

quoted by Charlie Pellerin, author of “How NASA Builds Teams”

The second episode of the exclusive interview with Dr. Charlie Pellerin is live!

This episode focuses on the application of authentic appreciation in real-life settings and how it has shaped the NASA 4-D Leadership Program for High-Performing Teams!

Check out the second episode of CRAZYPodcast

Expressing Authentic Appreciation

This is a critical element of NASA’s 4-Dimensional Leadership & High Performance Program. The framework for appreciation is captured by the acronym HAPPS:


Providing regular appreciation until it becomes automatic


Cultivating grateful reflection as a foundation for authenticity


Expressing appreciation as soon as possible after the action occurs


Keeping the appreciation proportionate to the effort and benefit created


Linked to a specific observable behaviour, not vague or general i.e. “Great design work!” not “Good Job!”

NASA 4-D Leadership Program for High-Performing Teams

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