Tools and Diagnostics

We have an array of tools, techniques, frameworks and diagnostics to enhance your strategic innovation, including:

The Organisational Growth Indicator ™ Organisational Mindset Diagnostic

Growing your business to the next level, whilst competing successfully in a fast-changing market, requires your leaders, people & teams to adapt, connect, evolve and innovate.

  • The OGI® reveals the strengths & the constraints of your ORGANISATIONAL SYSTEM affecting value creation & organisational growth.
  • It measures the current ability of your leaders and people to ADAPT connect, evolve & CREATE VALUE.
  • All people demonstrate an individual set of preferred mindsets – these are psychologically-based and help to explain a predisposition to remain ‘fixed’ or ‘grow’.
  • All organisations gravitate to a similarly characteristic set of collective mindsets which create a systemic ‘cognitive architecture’.
  • This determines how the organisation will seek to fulfil its vision, mission, purpose & strategic goals.
  • It also predicts its ability to both ADAPT and CREATE VALUE.

The OGI® provides the hard data that enables you to reshape your individual leader and collective organisational mindsets to deal with change in the 21st century.

Organisational Growth Indicator™ Origins

Developed by Dr. Brett Richards, Ph.D., President of Connective Intelligence, the OGI® is a next-generation system designed to improve organisational performance through new value creation and business transformation that:

  • Quantifies the key factors that influence an organisation’s ability to grow through innovation and adaptive change, based on 4 mindsets. These are underpinned by 8 orientations which, when operating ‘in sync’ enable the organisation to achieve its strategic and growth goals.
  • Uses empirical evidence to correlate the organization’s readiness & ability to grow in ways that outperform the market.
  • Pinpoints hotspots of greatest impact to improve organisational transformation capability and maximise developmental ROI.

Following 5 years of extensive research, development, & testing, the OGI® results have been shown to align closely with an organisation’s actual revenue performance.

OGI wheel