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Feisty Fish®

tap into the wisdom of your crowd


Feisty Fish® is an innovation crowdsourcing platform. Designed for engagement by game developers, it is playful, humorous and intuitive! The universally-accessible concept of a fish tank has resonated with people across the globe, from lawyers in the ACCC to steelworkers in Romania! Feisty Fish® is now in use in 8 countries and 6 languages with unprecedented participation and it has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in savings and new revenues, as well as improvements in customer, patient and citizen experience! The solution is so intuitive that no training is required and so it is frequently used by conference organisers and organisational leaders to tap into the wisdom of the crowd in the moment.

The Feisty Fish vs COVID-19 Challenge

In April 2020, we ran a public innovation crowdsourcing challenge on Feisty Fish to hear the funny, or helpful, ideas for addressing the social side of COVID-19! What are your suggestions (or current practices) for combating the anxiety, helplessness, loneliness or disconnection that many of us are feeling in the current environment?  Congratulations to the Joy Team at 3Bridges Community for winnning the Feisty Fish vs COVID-19 challenge! And to the inimitable Peter Poulos for delivering the delectable seafood prizes in person to these local heroes who deliver essential services and connection to the local community today, and every other day.

Joy Team at 3Bridges Community

Origins of Feisty Fish®

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Feisty Fish®:

֍ Reduces the cost of accessing bright people with great ideas, wherever they may be.

֍ Takes the pain out of navigating yet another stuffy corporate software package.

֍ Generates unprecedented engagement through playful gamification.


Touch-screen enabled and available on all devices!


So user-friendly that no training is required!


Generates unprecedented engagement!

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“We have no hope of solving our problems without harnessing the diversity, the energy, and the creativity of all our people.” Roger Wilkins