NASA 4-D Program

Our flagship NASA 4-D Program, designed by Former Director of NASA’s Astrophysics Department, Dr. Charlie Pellerin, creates the context for high-performing teams and helps to create lasting momentum by benchmarking against 1,500 NASA teams.


The public program runs as 8 x 90 minute modules, delivered virtually, once a week.  Organisations running the program internally have the ability to customise the cadence and blend delivery to suit their needs. In both formats, the program is designed to be immersive and experiential, with participants applying new skills to actual organisational challenges between sessions. This sharing of experiences creates rich opportunities for peer-to-peer learning across the cohort.

Expert practitioners deliver stimulating, immersive and unforgettable learning experiences, but the real development comes through the application of these principles in the workplace. Participants take away tried and tested world-leading practices, not academic theory. The program creates re-usable,  real-world capability for establishing new value streams and experiences. Assessment is through practical application and each module requires leaders to apply the learning and deliver meaningful organisational outcomes with immediate impact.

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Who is it for?

Strategy and innovation professionals

Mad Scientists, Inventors and Innovators

Leaders and HR professionals looking to build next generation capability in their leadership teams

Anyone with a curious mind that wants to experience breakthrough thinking


90 minute online sessions x 8

2023 Price: $1,500

Black Friday Deal: AUD$990 per participant

Your Facilitators

Paul Hawkins

Paul is the Chief Combobulator at award-winning innovation firm, Crazy Might Work, which he launched on a Russian icebreaker in Antartica. He consults to governments and multi-nationals on all things innovation and works with leaders to solve complex social and strategic challenges.

Paul facilitates Crazy Might Work’s Proprietary Leading4Breakthrough® program which draws on lessons from NASA and disciplines as diverse as cognitive neuroscience, anthropology, aeronautical engineering and biomimicry to precipitate breakthrough thinking.

Melanie Farmer

Melanie has worked in senior innovation and commercialisation roles around the world serving the discovery needs of partners across a wide range of disciplines, ranging from agriculture to space.

She has earned recognition for innovation in cultural turnaround, customer service, sales and operations and has mentored leaders on these topics. When it comes to facilitation, Melanie’s specialism is biomimicry (emulating nature’s genius).

Summer Program

16 Feb – 6 Apr 2023

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Autumn Program

27 Apr – 15 Jun 2023

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Winter Program

6 Jul – 24 Aug 2023

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Spring Program

7 Sep – 26 Oct 2023

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