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Crazy Might Work is an award-winning, for-purpose innovation agency, launched in Antarctica.

Our vision is a world led by caring, courageous and capable leaders and so we work with leaders at all levels to create high-performing teams, transform culture and innovate with impact.

Our clients and partners number amongst the most innovative and progressive organisations in the world, operating in spaces ranging from intensive care to space itself.

Our flagship programs Leading4Breakthrough® and DisruptivebyDesign®, are designed to create the social context for high-performance and develop future-proof creative and interpersonal capabilities (as identified by the World Economic Forum in its ‘TOP 10 Skills for 2025’).Our Think Tank ideation platform has been deployed in 10 countries and 6 languages and our programs have been used by thousands of aspiring innovators to make an impact through innovation. Clients and partners include governments, space agencies, multinationals, universities and not-for-profits.

So, whether the intention is to differentiate in strategy, people practices, or change the game entirely, our multi-disciplinary approach offers a blueprint for breakthrough. Drawing on the very best of cognitive and social neuroscience, systems thinking, human-centred design, aeronautical engineering, and even game design, our programs have been tried and tested by everyone from governments to goannas.

We are specialist facilitators of collaborative co-design and our team are accredited in a wide range of disciplines, including appreciative inquiry; human-centred design and behavioural neuroscience. Appreciative inquiry builds on existing strengths and amplifies initiatives that are already working in the organisation or community, whilst human-centred design scales these and innovates where there are gaps. Behavioural neuroscience anticipates what may impede adoption at scale and provides a blueprint for positive change. Crazy Might Work has led collaborative co-creation intensive care, community services, aged care, state, federal and even international government agencies, including the Office of the Future in UAE,  the Australian Federal Police and New South Wales Health.

More on our origins and approach

Our mission is to make the world a better place, one leader at a time.

Why ‘Crazy Might Work’?

According to The Free Dictionary by Farlex is:

so crazy (that) it just might work

‘Having a very feasible or plausible chance of succeeding, despite being exceptionally unconventional or outlandish. Sometimes used sarcastically to indicate a viable solution that is or should be obvious.’

Many of the world’s greatest ideas were initially seen as ‘crazy’ and not widely embraced for decades, so we hold the space for fresh thinking to emerge.

Meet the ‘crazies’ who live and breathe innovation…

Paul Hawkins

Chief Combobulator

Paul has worked in over 20 countries and consults to governments, states and corporations on breakthrough thinking and innovation. 

He has an HDE in education, an MBA from Oxford Brookes University, and is currently completing a doctorate in breakthrough innovation.

Paul has trained in innovation and neuroscience through Stanford University and the Neuro-Leadership Institute and is a certified practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry. He is also the lead facilitator of the 4-D program used by NASA.

Rosanna Hawkins

Ambassador of Awesome

Rosanna is an internationally experienced project manager certified in PRINCE2 methodology.

She is known for mobilising diverse stakeholders to achieve momentum and results.

She is accredited in human-centered design and has sound understanding of what is required to manage complex (e.g. multi-country) projects, having successfully managed global system rollouts, shared service implementations and other strategic programs, in both public and private sectors.

Melanie Farmer

Concierge of Co-Creation

With a Bachelor of Education and a Masters in Marketing Innovation, Melanie has built innovative businesses in Australia, Singapore, the UAE and the UK.

She works with leaders to create high-performing teams using breakthrough methods and has achieved award-winning enterprise-wide cultural and efficiency transformations over 25+ years across multiple industries. 

Drawing upon her experience in research, service design and innovation, she is Australia’s leading expert in the use of biomimicry for business. Melanie doesn’t mind a bit of drama and landed several stage roles in London following completion of an acting diploma.

Dr. Ingo Susing


Ingo is a highly qualified and experienced leadership consultant, facilitator and coach who has worked collaboratively with boards and senior leaders for more than 20 years.  He is a recognised authority on leadership succession and holds a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Wollongong, a Masters in Applied Science (Coaching Psychology) from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology Sydney. Prior to founding Leadership & Succession, Ingo had a 15-year career in investment banking and private equity, including as a Director of ABN Amro Capital. He also worked as a principal consultant with Johnson Partners’ Leadership Advisory group where he facilitated large-scale leadership development programs. Ingo has coached and facilitated senior leaders in a large variety of contexts and industries, including public and private sectors at the individual and group level.

Francois Faure


Francois’ formal education reflects his natural curiosity: A Master of Engineering (Robotics) and a Master of Management (Human Resources & Coaching). He is accredited in The Leadership Circle (TLC) and Life Styles Inventory (LSI) instruments. He is fluent in both English and French. Francois is a skilled facilitator and coach, having worked with senior leaders across the private and public sector. Relevant recent projects include:

  • Leadership development program for Senior Executives (Deputy Secretaries) of the Australian Federal Government (with Egon Zehnder) since 2018, ongoing,
  • Senior Leaders development program for the World Food Program (UN Agency – recipient of the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize) – since 2015, ongoing,
  • Executive coaching and individual leadership development as part of the Partner Development program for one of the largest global consulting firms, including coaching of senior Partners and Board members (since 2015, ongoing).

James Bawtree


James is passionate about delivering programs to improve the way people and organisation deliver their strategic objectives. He is co-author of The Strategy Implementation Gap, has won a number of awards and has had over 20 years’ experience in all major facets of strategy implementation and program management including roles as:

Pre-Eminent Expert/Strategic Advisor, Coach, Program Director, Organisational Change & PMO Manager and Gateway / Health Check / Maturity Review Lead Consultant.

James has led holistic and strategic reviews in Australia, NZ, UK, France, Spain and the US including the whole of Queensland Government, New Zealand Government, multiple Federal and NSW Government, six Defence Capability Programs and Defence CIOG twice as well as many banks, engineering and construction and government agencies.