Sometimes turning the ship around can be slow and challenging.

So we launch five action-orientated task forces, with separate, but related, missions.

The overarching objective is to generate infectious enthusiasm for real business innovation.

It’s culture by contagion.

Break-through Thinking

Creating the psycho-social conditions, frameworks and processes that support the creation of new neural connections and lead to light bulb creative break-throughs.

Experimental Strategies

Our Disruptive by Design™ approach incorporates themed strategic prototyping to generate creative outputs for strategies that are differentiated and game-changing.

Experience Design

Empathetic approaches that place human beings (customers, employees or partners) at the heart of the design process, for unprecedented experiences and engagement.

Realisation Platforms

Creating, connecting and deploying the organisational structures, systems, processes and delivery platforms that turn innovative ideas into business outcomes. 

Cross-Industry Collaboration

We bring organisations together to test the limits of collaborative possibility across functional silos, organisations, industries, clusters and international borders.

  • This is a great opportunity to expose your team to a new way of thinking and give them an overarching common approach to strategy/problem solving.

    Kay Lipson, Director of Strategy – Online Education Services
  • High impact, high relevance, high energy and high output.

    Adam Wardell, Head of Strategy, Innovation and BD&L – Novartis
  • Highly relevant and engaging!

    Alex Dunster, Consulting Associate – Droppoint
  • Mind expanding.

    Andrew McVeigh, CFO – Brookfield
  • Be ready for a fast ride – you really will build and pitch an idea in half a day.

    Anna Brown, Head of Enterprise Risk Management Services – TAL
  • Engaging, mind opening and innovative.

    Arush Kumarage, Product Development Manager – Droppoint
  • With a proven process magic can happen.

    Cindy Lenferna De la Motte, Director Business Transformation – Squiz
  • Fast paced, highly enjoyable. Plenty of relevant content that will be of use in the real world.

    Colin Keene, Packaging Development Manager – Sanitarium
  • A fun, jam packed 4 hours of learning.

    David Miller, GM Ops & Systems Development – BevChain
  • Crazy Might Work ran an outstanding innovation workshop at our (AIPM) Innovation through Project Management forum. The feedback from the 100 attendees was at the highest level, with one attendee ranking the team at a new level above the highest!

    James Bawtree, President of the Australian Institute of Project Management, NSW
  • Safe, brisk paced, hands on learning.

    Lisa O’Hare, Project Administration Manager – Sanitarium
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the engagement and being pushed to test our current ideation process.

    Mark Christofides, Caffco Industries – Managing Director
  • A good interactive exercise that demonstrated the principles involved in the IDEO approach to strategy.

    Paul Howlett, Chairman – Evolve Housing
  • The 4 hour session was full on but provided huge amounts of value.

    Rob Paris, Strategy Consultant – Squiz
  • Powerful and engaging, and will allow me to bring back a new tool to explore with the management team.

    Robert Donsante, General Manager – Klondu Group
  • Great catalyst for rethinking the way we approach development and improvement.

    Rory McNeill, Managing Director – Mainteck
  • Most enjoyable innovation process that I have participated in.

    Rose Mollica-Merchant, Patient Solutions and Private Health Manager – Novartis
  • Quick, engaging and easily-applied practice to enable improved strategic thinking.

    Rosemary Bishop, CEO – 3Bridges
  • Crazy Might Work recently engaged with the Commonwealths’ Entrepreneurs  Programme to deliver a workshop for businesses in the Illawarra.  The team delivered a professional, interactive workshop that was thought provoking and was extremely well received by all. All participants took away a better appreciation for designing products and services for customer needs and how to apply the concepts back to their own businesses.

    Terry O’Riordan, Business Advisor – AusIndustry Entrepreneurs Development
  • The experience is rewarding but uncomfortable at times, but it is the uncomfortable space where you learn the most.

    Phil Hugill, Director – Disability, Home Care & Community Services Northern Sydney District
  • A half-day well spent with learning I can implement tomorrow.

    Nicola Tan, Manager, Strategy – American Express
  • Experiencing the process is the only way to understand design thinking’s value.

    Austin Whitehead, Director, Innovate – NSW Department of Industry
  • Opened my eyes to the potential of design thinking. Very useful!

    Eugene McGarrell, District Director Northern Sydney Department of Family and Community Services
  • Provided a framework and process to get to solutions clearly and quickly.

    Todd Charteris, National Manager Country Banking -Rabobank
  • Very worthwhile and potentially valuable to any business.

    William Baker, Managing Director – Magnattack Global